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BeautyCon LA Welcomed Me to The Pink Carpet

I do not know where to begin with this blessing.


Well, I knew that I would be attending BeautyCon LA because my intuition was in a good space and I had a good dear friend who provided me General Admission. But I knew that I would not settle for less. I knew my goal was to walk as Talent but I doubted because my following did not match to other influencers and talent. But I continued to pray. I proceeded to book a flight (with the help of a friend) and booked an Airbnb. Side note (that Airbnb was so cute and close in proximity to DTLA). As I landed and settled in my room, I glanced at my email and saw an email titled: "BeautyCon La: You're Confirmed!". I could have sh%*ted a brick!!!!! This was real life. I made it! My good friend Latoya was like oh bitch you better have my best friend accompany you. Shoutout to loyal friends who look out. But no seriously Marconja was amazing and we connected as soon as she arrived to my doorstep.

Day 1: I invited a friend to accompany as a guest and she was amazing taking photos and being a spokesperson while I was busy networking. We were chauffeured to the talent area where we were greeted by many talents from all over the world. Though today was the first day, I was looking forward to come tomorrow. Catching up with my friend beauty influencer and wardrobe stylist Anaya was warming and definitely needed. She's amazing, man. After we went to Convo's with Claire (article here).

I walked the pink carpet and my heart cried but my body was confident and I killed it.

Day 2: It already started off AMAZING when I seen beauty influencer Jackie Aina, Artist Megan the Stallion, and Entrepreneur Supa Cent in the same corner when entering the door. Today, I was in full awe as I met so many more influencers from yesterday and just dope individuals in general. Too many to name but we have connected on social media.

Did you notice the Getty images? I was so stocked to see that. I don’t know about you, but I freaking am doing the thing— ALL BY God, MYSELF, & my mom.

Cant wait for next year!!!

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