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Catch Me at My Meet & Greet on Thursday

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

You guys who have been following me know I am known to be around some of the hottest people, rooms with the best of the best, and brings positive energy in any environment. I took a hiatus from events but now I am back!!!!!! I will be kicking back up my events by introducing LETS LINK UP which will be monthly socializing and networking meetups at locations of my choice. These (mostly happy hour) sessions are focused for you to network with others while also taking a breather from life’s consistent hustle.

ATTIRE: we will always have a theme so pay attention closely. If you need any assistance, I am available to style you for this event for a major discounted rate. Email me at

This particular event attire is Bougie Chic x Classy. (Think of dressing up!!!) Trust me you won’t be the only one.

See you there!

Get your tickets now by clicking here

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