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DJ Tryfe’s Inaugural VIRIBUS Ball Raises Awareness In the Black Community About Mental Illnesses

As a resident of the DMV, I have my share of partying with the sounds of the infamous Dj Tryfe mixing up his creative beats to bring the vibe of fun and good times to each occasion.

DJ Tryfe will be hosting his Inaugural VIRIBHS Ball to raise awareness in the black community about mental illness, something we all have experienced or experiencing, but may be ashamed of seeing help on. According to a 2019 article titled “African Americans Face Unique Mental Health Risks”, explains how we often times we respond to questions asked by a professional during a mental health screening on a surface level when more than likely you know you may have had several mental breakdown over finances, children, your job, etc but didn’t care to share because you wanted to be out of the session. Help is out there and we all have something to work on our mental whether it’s apparent or not.

The MET Gala-inspired experience taking place at Highland Theatre, a venue located on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Hillcrest community of Washington, D.C., Sunday, January 19. Hosted by Candiace Dillard from The Real Housewives of Potomoc,

tickets are $50, $100 and $1000. The goal is to make a sizeable donation to the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, founded by fellow Howard University alum, actress Taraji P. Henson who started it to help those like her late father who struggled with mental illness.

If you do not know, I love a theme and this ball then is a texture of choice (furs, velvet, leather, feathers, sequin). I’ll be fashion forward, so if you need assistance please book your styling services here

For more information about ‘the VIRIBUS ball’, please

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