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Essence Festival 2019: What You Missed Out On

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

If you were flying from any state, you probably realized that a bunch of black folks were boarding. A little similar to Soul Plane (without the ratchets). Well, it was becuase people were traveling to New Orleans for Essence Festival. This was its 25th Anniversary as well as its 50th Essence Magazine existence. Throughout its 3 day duration, there were a host of events but I want to share the ones I experienced and/or wanted to experience.

Friday was introduced with a host of events including a full day of Essence Festival. I was invited to attend STRUT: The Fashion Experience featuring Claire Sulmers. Four designers featured and in addition to the event were panelists: Nikki Jackson, Phreshy, Downtown Lesli Brown, Julien Gordon, Kameelah, Producer Princess, Warren Broadnax, and Alexis Jones. Gems were dropped by the panelists on life, business, and success. Furthermore, Essence Festival events included many panels, performances, events, and pop-up shops.

Saturday's was mood changing as viewers were uplifted by the one and only Michelle Obama. She spoke highly of her life in the White House, her marriage with former President Barack Obama, her recent book "Becoming", and her views on the political parties. Dressed in Sergio Hudson, our forever first lady was dripping in the sauce as she danced into the next performance by Mary J Blige.

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Sunday I was dressed in white as Trell Thomas hosted #BlackExcellence at the Treme Market Branch. This brunch was created to bring forward creatives and entrepreneurs in one roof as we celebrated one another. Ms Tina Knowles Lawson was honored in her legacy of #BlackExcellence as not only Beyonce and Solange's mother, but because she is a mentor and vessel of #blackgirlmagic. The history of the venue went back to when the 1st black slaves were freed and they started their community of their own in the building and built their own wealth. We was immersed in history and success. Those in attendance were: Beyonce's Dance Caption Ashley Everett, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist Harrison Crite, Baddies That Brunch, Artist Demi Grace, Social Comedian Karlton Banks, and a host of more.

Later that day I headed over to Essence Festival to meet my favorite beauty influencer Jackie Aina and ended with a special convo as I landed in VIP Meet & Meet.

I had fun but it definitely was time to come back home to my comfy bed and in seclusion. There were more events I went to but I do not want to share those moments (not of my taste and brand). See you next year, Essence.

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