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From New Album ‘Hustle & Glow’ to His Upbringing as An Artist, Young Trap is LA’s Hot New Talent

Debonair, Loyal, Positive describe Artist Young Trap who says “Music is my life. I wake up and go to sleep writing, marketing, negotiating, and planning for my next move! I'm really not single because music is my companion!”. Trap was raised in Memphis and gets paid in Hollywood.

Young Trap recently released his new album “Hustle & Glow” where the vision came from his everyday life hustling and making money while showing fans the glow up—hence the title. He originally was just working on singles and later released 3 singles and fans started asking about an album date, so he gave it to them. The album featured a ton of artists from Too $hort, Boosie Badazz, and Ayoo Meco. The album was recorded by Tommy Daughterty whom he met through one of his closet friends G1. G1 is very popular in LA from co-producing beats with and for Dj Quik. Tommy embraced him as soon as he relocated to LA and have been recording with him ever since. Trap states he wants the album to touch ever household and for every occasion and age group. 

Music is not new to him as Young Trap started out singing as a small child. Growing up listening to local artist in Memphis like Skinny Pimp, Playa Fly, Gangsta Blac, and Three Six MafiA with 2pac being his favorite artist of all time. He says: “When I went through puberty, my voice got deep and couldn't hit those notes anymore. My homeboys and I would freestyle to instrumentals and thats how I developed my skills”.

The impact of music is such an epidemic and he has seen rap go from the DJ being the star, to complex lyricist, to guys with no talent becoming popular. He believe artists are able to do more on their own now-a-days so the game is really what you can make out of it. He advises: “Continue to be inspired and set new goals once you reach old ones! Stay motivated!”

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