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Nessie Blaze Speaks Of Her Creative Life As Well As Being Casted to Black Ink Crew Compton

The Black Ink crew has transitioned from New York to Chicago to Atlanta and now to Compton, California. Only 15 miles from Los Angeles, Compton is a life on its own with the city’s complicated gang politics and a high-profile murders. With all the many franchises, the overall concept is highlight artists both men and women who are dominating the industry in their own respective ways. We had the opportunity to interview Artist Nessie Blaze who is originally from Pennsylvania but relocated to Cali for a better advancement and opportunity for her career. 

Coming from a background in tattoo and music, being a business owner, and a little bit of modeling, Nessie has proven herself as a boss. She stated that moving to Cali was life changing and she built her clientele from the ground up. She explains that Black Ink Compton will show her life in its raw form and tell the story of how she wants to be respected as an creative. 

In addition to being a creative, she created a clothing line with the quote “Attitude on Pac, Hussle on Nip”. Inspired by the late Artists Nipsey Hussle and Tupac, her brand was created to uplift people but to remember the hustle of what you are working towards.

She ends with: “Keep the faith and stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place”. 

Catch her on VH1’s Black Ink Compton season premiere Wednesday 10/9C

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