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Rising Artist Billey Madison Sits To Speak About New Music

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Detroit born and raided Artist Billey Madison has been consistent in music for 4 years. Growing up listening to Anita Baker and Al Green, he seen how people can get emotion out of music. He began to study music more and it became his life (also his therapy).

“Out of my Head” and “Bottles of Liquor” are both trending and Billey shows fans his creativity with words and expressions. “Both songs give a 90s vibe“. “Out of my head“ was inspired by SWV and was his first single. After soaring in numbers and going viral, he thought ”man I made it!” But life took it turns, financially and personally, and created a pivot in his career. Through consistency and dedication, he created the second single and has been striving since.

Billey says to his younger self: “Takes all the failures, believe in yourself, and take changes when you can. It’s worth it!” While he is consistently working, he gives back to fans through open communication on social media and shows.

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