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Transparent Moment: Tips on Focusing and Stop Forcing Things on Your Plate

It is coming to the end of 2019—a year of many challenges, lessons learned, shifts in friendships and circles, and businesses starting. I do not know about you but did this year feel like some pressure and every month of crying whether in joy for a new opportunity or a hard moment in your career? YES I DID, every month. But I have not given up and I do not plan to.

The purpose of this post is to tell you about purpose and getting focused on your dream. First things first, give praise and thanks to your believer and main source—mine is Jesus Christ. These tips I will be providing may sound like I am talking to myself and my current growth, but these are helping me and I want to share with you.

Here’s some tips on focusing:

Have an accountability partner

Stop listening to people who have not experienced the field or knowledge of the industry. You will get unmotivated and alter your own beliefs. Unless this is a mental health professional, then cut them out your mind. I have accountability partners in various areas and industries including business, relationship, religion, and personal.

Write down your goals!

Listen to credible Podcasts

I have got into Podcasts this year and though their audiences are focused to women, I get my entire life—my top two are Koereyelle’s: Confessions of a Workaholic and Ronne Brown‘s: Girl CEO. Both presenters speak heavily on breaking out of your comfort level and start connecting with your circle and “get that ass to work”.

Invest in your brand

You do not have to be a millionaire or have thousands to invest in your brand. I took my $70 I would spend on a shirt or jeans and purchased a 6 month post office box; I save up a portion of my business checks to spend for traveling to my favorite conferences and quick trips; I spend $12-14 a month for my website on GoDaddy; I apply to interview on red carpets and carve out my spending to get into the rooms of celebrities and influencers. The point of saying this, invest what you have and start somewhere. Attend free conferences and trainings in your city. DC has a heap of FREE goodies including at Google, 202 creates, DC Fashion Commision

Do not compare and be your own cheerleader!

Take your time but do the work

If you need to take a month or a year off, then do it but still put in work behind the scenes on the low and do not ever quit. Times gets very hard and can make you emotional but do not quit. Schedule out your day or week and check off items you have completed. This will allow you to see the growth of how far you have progressed.

Carve out time for your brand into your busy schedule

If I could get a dollar for every time I heard someone say: “I do not have time to go to the gym‘ ‘I do not have time to travel because I have kids’ ‘I do not have time to go to events because I be tired after work”......excuses excuses. Get a $15 planner and pencil in your activities and schedule out your events for the week, the month, and the year. I have a flexible 9-5 and still operate a full time business. I still continue to incorporate my own events, attend events during my breaks or after work, listen to Instagram lives that provide tips and advice from my favorite people. JUST DO IT, you wont believe how much time you have until you actually do it.

Eliminate or minimize distractions—even family and close friends

We get comfortable into talking to our day ones about the latest gossip and our mothers who speak of the neighbor who she had to go off on and how Rosa Marie talked about her in Sunday school service behind her back. I am a culprit of it. I will listen on the phone and have the phone to my ear for hours just listening while I’m doing something else such as an article or strolling on Instagram. Why do this? Limit your distractions by silencing your phone on don’t disturb. I am not saying cut people off, but minimize it. You do not have to speak to someone every single day who does not add value to your life. Limit it to every other day or once a week. This person may get upset at first but once the habit is formed, they will either adjust or fall off.

Incorporate Self-care

This includes: Facials, manicure, walk alongside a body of water (beach, lake, waterfront), listen to soft music, take care of your health, and date yourself.

List tips you have learned or are doing that helped you focus on your goals and just life in general.

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