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TV One's "Dear Santa, I Need A Date" Set To Premiere Dec 8: Interviews With The Cast

Dear Santa, I Need A Date tells the comedic story of two successful and ambitious siblings Janelle Vaughn (Reagan Gomez-Preston) and Jason Vaughn (Ray J). Their parents, Mr. Vaughn (Jay DeVon Johnson) and Mrs. Vaughn (Anne-Marie Johnson), are proud of their children’s flourishing careers but are displeased with their dating lives. Every holiday season, the Vaughn’s anxiously prepare for their children to bring home a significant other only to be disappointed. This year, The Vaughn’s apply pressure by expressing their concerns to Jason and Janelle, which sparks a bet between the siblings on who can find a date by Christmas.

The film is scheduled to release on TV One Dec 8th.

Cast Members:

Ray J as Jason Vaughn

Reagan Gomez-Preston as Janelle Vaughn

Anne-Marie Johnson as Mrs. Vaughn

Jay DeVon Johnson as Mr. Vaughn

MAJOR as Mark

Reginae Carter as Nicole

B.Simone as Erica

Conversation with Reagan

It is such a great lineup of cast members and I am sure the filming days were intense. How was it working on set with all the cast?

There was so much great energy with the entire cast and long nights of filming. I connected with Ray J so well as his set sister, but also in general. There are so many talented individuals involved in this film and I have always looked up to Anne-Marie. She has made a tremendous influence for black actors specifically with politics.

What brought our your creativity in your role as Janelle?

I have been acting for over 25 years and it was so natural to be Janelle. Janelle is just like myself-hard working, an entrepreneur, and business owner. It was easy to relate

What are 2 things that you love about acting?

My family relocated from Detroit to Philadelphia and my parents always taught me to be the best with confidence. While in school for theatre, I was the only black girl in my classes. Though many people would look at this as isolation from my culture, I took it as a gain as I was exposed to various cultures than my own while also learning about things I love.

Going back to when I started on Parenthood (an American sitcom television series the aired on The WB until 1999) and 25+ years later, acting is just something I love.


Conversation with MAJOR

How have your experiences in the industry enhanced your role in this film? Were there any challenges you faced? What are some takeaways that you would like to share.

I have an extensive background in music and many nominations and Grammy's. My acting experience is just as long as my music and I came into this role with confidence. I do want to share that being used to "yes" in the music industry was different when hearing "no" in the acting world. I learned that rejections were apart of the game and I would not be accepted to every role that I auditioned for.

What did you learn about yourself in your role as Mark?

It was so fun stretching myself into a typical character because my known personality is big and "all over the place". Mark is a guy that is ordinary but took a turn (everyone will see it in this film). I went to a visual arts high school and was put myself into position to be ready for entertainment particularly music.

List 3 words that describe your personality and how it has enhanced your acting. What stood out from you than from others that auditioned for the role?

Three words are:

1. Optimistic

2. Hilarious

3. Courageous

I already had confidence in myself and I knew that I would get the role and that stood out from itself from everyone else.

What is your take on fashion? How do you describe your fashion style?

When I was 13 years old, one night I did not get dressed the night before church because I was watching Apollo. Usually, my mom has us iron our clothing but this night I did not. I woke up Sunday morning and did not have my clothing ironed and I quickly went to everyones room and got random clothing from their closets. When I went to church, I felt the entire choir looking at me and from that moment I ran out the door. From that moment, I always cared and prepared for my outfit.


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