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What’s Your Habit? Mine is Hustling and Being Fly. Learn about Clothing Brand Habits 365

Habits 365 is a clothing brand founded by a talented 17 year old, Eli, while still in high school. Eli was always interested in fashion and used to resell sneakers and looked up to brands like Nike and Supreme.

“Everyone has habits, our brand enforces positive habits”

In business, there are many loses and turns but with Eli he took those as opportunities to improve the brand. Such as learning about partnerships, cost reduction, manufacturing, General business communication. and being persistent. He explains the best part of having a brand is having an idea and people loving it and being an inspiration through people through the expression of clothing. 

The fashion industry is very competitive but Habits 365 is a brand with no competition. They believe in their brand so much that it speaks for itself through celebrities, influencers, and supportive customers. 

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